Match Broker Opportunities with Underwriter Appetites

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What can EvoSure do for you?

For Brokers

  • Discover underwriters' up-to-date appetites
  • Qualify underwriters' interest
  • Find more options for tough risks
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For Underwriters

  • Communicate your appetite
  • Get in front of more brokers
  • Write more of the risks you want
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Why companies choose EvoSure

Quickly find markets for your commercial insurance risks.

Brokers and underwriters using EvoSure commonly save a significant amount of time and money. Underwriters articulate and communicate the changes in their appetite to brokers in real-time. Brokers are able to manage the appetites of all of their carrier partners in one place, quickly discerning who wants the risks they’re marketing.

Drive better submissions into the funnel and grow profitably.

Both brokers and carriers are able to generate more revenue by using EvoSure. Brokers can win and retain more clients by receiving quotes back from underwriters who want that risk. Underwriters are able to write more submissions that match their appetite, generating more business in the areas they know best.